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General Questions

Do I need an account to start a list?

No you don’t need an account to create a list but if you want to save items to your list and view them later you will need to register.

Can I log on or create a profile using Facebook, Twitter or any of my social networks?

Absolutely.  At this time you are able to register and log in to Genielocker using your Facebook profile.  We will shortly be providing other social platforms to log in with so watch this space.

What details to I need to give you to start an account?

Starting an account is easy and will only take a second. The only information we require from you is an email address and a unique password.

How many lists can I create with my account?

You can create as many lists as you like. There is no limit to the amount of free lists you can make with Genielocker.

What are the benefits of registering?

In registering you are able to take advantage of sharing and editing lists as well as being able to use our comparison engine to ensure you are getting the best deal across the internet.  We are currently developing additional pieces of functionality that will make Genielocker even more rewarding.

How do I share my list?

It is very simple to share a list.  Using the “Share List” button you are able to add users manually to List Groups.  Any contacts that you share your list with will automatically get added to your address book for future reference and use.

Using Genielocker

Is my personal data & information safe?

Yes – Genielocker uses the latest security encryption to ensure your data is preserved.  We do not share your personal information within anyone unless you tell us that this is okay.

How many products can I add to my lists?

You can add as many products to your list as you like.

Do you make adding gifts quicker or do I have to enter all of the information by hand?

Our simple “Grab it” tool will scrape all of the information from the retailers product page and insert it into your gift list item – easy peasy.  Any bespoke gifts however will need to be manually entered i.e. grandma’s annual knitted socks.

Can I prioritise gifts on a list?

It is possible to not only indicate how much you want a tool by selecting your desire level in the item itself but also by ordering your list by priority.  Using the filter buttons within the list you can sort the gifts by desire level.

What is this comparison tool and how do I use it?

In order to ensure that you are getting the best deal for a particular gift you are looking to purchase or add to your list we have built a comparison tool that brings back prices from different retailers for that product.  Its not 100% complete at this time but in its current form we are certain that it will provide you with some options that we hope may save you time or money.

How do I delete my account?

Within your profile there is the option to delete the account and all information relating to that account including any gifts added, reserved or purchased.  Furthermore all distribution lists you have created will also be deleted.